Company History

1962: Mr. Hajime Nakajo first stepped into Thailand in the year of 1962 with SHINTO-TSUSHO CO., LTD. As one of agriculture development staff. Shinto-Tsusho Co., Ltd. It was an Agro-Trading Company, and he aimed for development of agriculture products at Saraburi Province of Thailand. Since that time he has stayed and lived in Thailand for more than 50years.
1968: Established 1st joint venture company as Thai Wood Production Co., Ltd. (TWP) in Pathumthani, Thailand with Meirin Co., Ltd. (Japan) TWP was 1st manufacturer and exporter of Tokobashira (Fancy Wood alcove post for house interior with Japanese traditional carving design on surface), Flooring, and Veneer. Including Timber export.
1988: TWP was shut-down, due to lacking (hard to find fancy and fine material) of raw-material an act of forbidding the cutting of forest by Thai Government.
November 1, 1988: Sankho Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. is established in Pathumthani Province as Japanese-Thai Company for the production of fancy box or gift box at first stage. Later, fire accident occurred at office and factory and we stopped fancy box business.
1989: Started Sale div for trading (buy and re-sell) of Industrial Cart, Steel Products, Industrial Plastic Container and Tent-House.
1990: The late Mr. Ishii (MD of IMJ Co., Ltd.) was visiting Sankho Kaihatsu Co., Ltd. And Introduced new business and product, called "Sifter Sieve Frame". Which is made from wood and Stainless Steel with Nylon Screen for purpose of cutting industrial fine flour, rice flour, and feed powder.
2008: Started manufacturing ourselves made to order Steel Products. Specializing in Nestainer, All-Purpose Steel Pallets, Multiple-Purpose Steel-Pallets, Special-Purpose Steel Pallets, Stackable-Steel Pallet, Collapsible Steel Pallet, Cart-Truck, Work-Desk.
2011: Developed a new type of Sifter Sieve Frames, which are Aluminum type and PE type.
2013: Renovated our website to update and brush-up and with started E-commerce business.